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Quick Garden Special

Price: $40.00

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Culinary Herbs:
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There are two bundle specials here our Quick Garden Pack inclues:

Herb Pack Perennial Pack
Basil, Dwarf Green Cambridge Scarlet, Monarda
Chives, fine Delphimun, Pacific Giant
Cilantro Lavender, Vera (English)
French Sorrel Lemon Balm
Garden Sage Mugwort
Golden Spearmint Poppy, Victoria Louise
Lemon Verbena Sage, Tricolor
Lovage Silvermound
Parsley, Curly Southernwood
Roman Chamomile Sweet Woodruff
Rosemary Tansy
Stevia Wormwood
Thyme, French Yarrow, Coronation Gold
Winter Savory Yarrow, Paprika
Flower seed packets                           
Decorative & Edible plant seed packets
Nasturtium, Dwarf Cucumber, Armenian
Echinacea Long Red Cayanne Pepper
Rudbekia Red Leaf Amaranth
Marigold, mixed colors Super Sugar Snap Pea
Dwarf sunflower, Autumn Beauty Tatsoi
Everyone should have a wonderful garden during the summer and this bundle will help anyone that forgot to start or lost their garden this Spring get back on track.

Shipping is included with both bundles so no need to put additional plant shipping in your carts before checkout with this one.