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Jerusalem Artichokes

Price: $12.50
Item Number: Jerusalem Artichoke
Jerusalem Artichokes will be shipped again in the fall 2023 when they can be harvested

Easy to grow They can grow 6' to 9' ft tall and have a sunflower like flower. Harvest in the fall after you have a frost.  Pull stalks out of the ground or dig with a fork like potatoes.
8 oz  $12.50 ppd   Orders will be shipped in the spring and in the fall

Planting Instructions for Jerusalem Artichokes
When they arrive your chokes will be flabby. Just soak in a pail of cold water until they are firm again. If you can’t plant right away keep in a cool place or refrigerate until ready to plant. Cut tubers into 1 or 2 eyes like potatoes and plant 1' to 2' apart and about 4" to 6" inches deep.

Jerusalem Artichoke, Radish and Watercress salad
½ lb Jerusalem Artichokes
2 Tb Lemon juice
1 bunch of radishes
2 bunches of Watercress
Rose wine vinegar 
Slice washed Artichokes into water and lemon juice. Wash radishes and keep in ice water. Wash watercress, remove thick stems, let dry then break into bite size pieces.
Lightly dress with Rose wine vinegar. Drain and slice radishes, drain and pat dry artichokes. Combine radishes, artichokes and rose wine vinegar and serve on watercress. Makes a colorful salad. You can make your own vinaigrette sauce to change the flavor to your liking