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50 Vegetable Seed Packet Special

Price: $24.50
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A mix of 50 vegetable seed packets. A fun way to try new seeds throughout the entire growing season. All for 1 low price on $24.50 postage paid.

Included in 50 packet vegetable seed special. Can change if seed is unavailable!

Bean, Aiguille Verte
Bean, Maxibel
Beet, Crosby Egyptian
Beet, Early Wonder
Broccoli, Waltham
Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage, Mammoth red Rock
Carrot, Chantenay
Carrot, Nantes Tip-Top
Carrot, Round
Cauliflower, Snowball
Chard, Fordhook
Chard, Giant Lucullus
Collard, Georgia
Cucumber, Burpless
Cucumber, National Pickling
Endive, Belgian
Eggplant, Black Beauty
Kale, Blue Curled
Kohirabi, White Vienna
Leeks, Large American Flag
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce, Romain Blonde
Lettuce, Ruby
Mache, Ronde Maraichere
Okra, Clemson Spineless
Onion, Barlette White
Onion, Red Tropea
Parsnips, Guernesey
Pea, Dwarf Grey Sugar
Pea, Little Marvel
Pumpkin, Jack O’Lantern
Pumpkin, Sugar & Pie
Pepper, Anaheim Chili
Pepper, California Wonder
Pepper, Jalapeno
Pepper, Yolo Wonder
Radish, Cherry Belle
Radish, White Icicle
Rouquette, Arugula
Sorrel, Large de Belleville
Spinach, Geant D’hiver
Squash, Butternut
Squash, Golden Delicious
Squash, Yellow Straightneck
Tomato, Beefsteak
Tomato, Brandywine red
Tomato, Patio
Zucchini, Black Beauty