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Time order your Shallots & Garlic new crop almost ready to ship!
Our seed company offers you the option of trying a certain Herb, Vegetable or Flower seed with a sample packet or ordering a larger packet if you have a bigger garden.  The sample packets are great as party favors or even school projects so every student can have their own packet of seed to start with. We also offer a large selection of Herb and Perennial Plants, Shallots for planting and cooking, Garlic (both hard & softneck), Jerusalem Artichoke, Ginseng Seed and Gardening Books.  In November we make Chistmas Wreaths & Centerpieces and send them all over the US. Wreath's and Centerpieces make great holiday gifts and ours are all made right here with the freshes balsam brush from the northwoods of Vermont! Our flowershop opened in 1985 and if you need flowers delivered locally in St Johnsbury, VT or sent anywhere in the world.   You can call us or go to our floral website.  We are both FTD and Teleflora  

Herb plants are now available on our website.  All plants come in 2 1/4 pots unless noted otherwise and are shipped by U S Mail.  We will start shipping plants the middle to end of April and continue to ship until November.  Shipping for plants is a separate add on charge and is decided by zipcode. If you zipcode begins with 010 thru 199 your cost would be $11.50 and if your zipcode begins with 200 thru 999 your cost would be $16.50. This is a flat charge whether you order 2 or 100 plants. Please add it just once per order.   If you forget to add to your plant order we will charge your card the appropriate shipping charges when we process your order.   We ship Seeds and plants separately November - April and you would have to pay both charges. In April when we start sending seeds and plants together we will credit your credit card the $ 3.50. 

Today's Specials

Egyptian Walking Onion
Price: $10.00
Egyptian Walking Onion
Top set, Perennial Onion. You can pick the top bulb and pickle them or leave on the stalk and they will reseed themselves. Only available in the fall!! 2 oz $10.00 includes shipping
Rocambole (Hardneck Garlic)
Price: $12.50
Rocambole (Hardneck Garlic)
Hardneck variety. Divide cloves when ready to plant. Plant 6" apart in rows 8"-12" apart with the point of the clove up and push into the tilled soil the depth of the bulb. 8oz box $12.50 postage paid Shipped in Fall
free shipping
Shallot (Frogs'Legs) Brittany
Price: $8.75
Shallot (Frogs'Legs) Brittany
This is "The Shallot" the restaurants love to buy. They can grow as big as chicken eggs. Plant 6' apart in rows 8-12 inches apart. We try to ship the smaller ones so you have more to plant. Sold out till Fall 20 8oz box $ 8.75 postpage paid
free shipping
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